About Artist

BriWelcome! Thanks to the generosity and technical genius of my son Charlie, I have a website. I began painting 20 years ago. As a minister who regularly performs weddings, I was counselling a couple in preparation of theirs. I asked the groom (Doug) if he enjoyed any hobbies, and said, “Yea, I paint watercolours.” I told him that painting was a dream of mine, but that due to my busy life it was unlikely. He went out and bought me a “Watercolours for Dummies” book with five colours of paint and a cheap brush. It was a 20 dollar investment that changed my life! I got hooked and haven’t looked back. Don’t worry, I’ve thanked Doug numerous times over the years.

My journey began with watercolours and is presently acrylics. A whole new world has opened up to me and I’m loving it. I’m inspired by Canadian West coast artists Mike Svob, Brent Heighton, Kiff Holland, and Min Ma. I love what everybody loves: composition, colour, and light.

Thanks for visiting.